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In 2004, UPS needed to increase awareness for their international shipping capability.
Idea: There are UPS drivers around the world just like your UPS driver here in the USA.

Direct mail was sent to the current UPS customers letting them know about our international capability.
As you turned the pages in the brochure, the driver's heads & names would change - featuring drivers from the other countries.
The piece also included a sweepstakes that offered a chance to win a trip anywhere in the world that UPS delivers.
Postcards from the international drivers were teasers and reminders about the sweepstakes.
This direct mail package won a Echo Gold Award.

We also created handouts for the UPS drivers to share with their customers.
The small pocket size brochure unfolded into a giant poster to increase awareness of all the UPS shipping destinations.

Print supported the campaign as well.

The campaign received some great press and a few awards too.